Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Monthly Favourites November 2010

As we are now approaching the depths of Winter I always feel the effects in early November, especially with my skin getting rather dry and my lips chapping. I am prone to dry skin anyway, but it is a lot more pronounced, and I find it close to impossible to wear lipsticks as my lips become sore and chapped. Here are some of my favourites during the month of November, mostly make up in fact it is all make up (and a couple of brushes) as my hair/skin routine never changes very much. 

Cherry Carmex Moisturising Lip Balm
This little tube of loveliness has been my absolute saviour, I use it every single day, as soon as I wake up and several times through the day and finally just before I go to bed. It definately does what it says on the tin (or tube in this instance) it moisturises my lips, if you have any chapped areas it does tingle a little bit but it isn't sore or irritable, just the product saying "I'm here to help and I'm working". I've definately seen an improvement in the condition of my lips, therefore I say to you all to DEFINATELY purchase this for the Winter season. 

MAC 187, MAC 129 and Ecotools Foundation Brush
These three brushes have been my go to brushes. The MAC 187 I tend to use more if I'm going out on a night out, or making more effort with my make up and spending more time applying foundation, as I feel with this brush if you take the time to apply your foundation with it, you really do end up with great results. Secondly the MAC 129 is an all rounder brush for me, I use it to set my foundation with MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, I also use it for blusher, the brush is so soft and is a good size for what I use it for. Finally the ecotools foundation brush is my go to brush when I'm in a rush in the morning or afternoon, going to University, I simply pump a couple of pumps of my foundation on to the brush and apply it to my face and blend and it's never streaky and never cakey, it gives an even finish, at first when I purchased this brush I never gave it a chance, now I couldn't live without it.

No7 Skin Illuminator in Peach
I was never a highlighter fan, I own a couple (Eyeko's cream, and the Sleek Contour compact) but I have never used them as part of my daily routine, I purchased this No7 Illuminator when I had one of the £5 off vouchers from Boots in September, I never really used it when I bought it until my flat mate had a friend to stay (Nicki from Coach Trip if any of you were a fan, I didn't know who she was..I never watched it) she used it, and her skin always looked lovely and when I realised I had the same product I started to play with it, and now I blooming love it. I just apply it to my cheekbones, down the bridge of my nose, and on my cupids bow. I don't use a lot of product, but when you squeeze the tube loads of product comes out and it is a slight waste (as you can see from around the lid of my photo). The only negative I have to say about this product is the packaging, I'd personally prefer something which brought out less product, but that's me. This gives the right amount of 'glow' to my skin, which I really need in this cold weather!

Collection 2000 Shimmering Glow Powder in 4 Espresso
I have got quite into bronzers over the past few months and more so when I was taking on the fake tanned approach to life. This bronzer is quite 'light' for a bronzer, I have fair skin, and I can still use this one when I don't have any fake tan on. I don't tend to fake tan a lot, but I don't want to look like death warmed up either, whether it is Summer or Winter, I feel a touch of bronzer in the Winter adds a bit of warmth to how you look. I lightly dust this on my cheeks when going to University and I really like how it looks on my skin. Although the product is called "shimmering" there are no traces of shimmer in it, which I'm not complaining about as I'm not really a shimmer person, but it definately gives a glow. I'm not 100% sure of the price, but I think it's under £5, I love Collection 2000 for it's prices and you can really find some good products from their line.

Bourjois Volumizer Mascara in 01 Noir
I am a mascara junkie, I can never go without the stuff, and I also love trying out new ones. I love this one mostly for 'step 2' as this is the volumising step, step 1 is more defining of the lashes. I love thick, black and long lashes and this mascara does this for me for definate. I never tend to wear fake lashes as I just always have a terrible time either with the glue, or applying the actually lash to my lash line, so I'm always on the hunt for a new great mascara. This one will be my go to mascara for the time being, it does everything I want from a mascara, I probably won't use this mascara forever as I'm always getting bored and changing mascaras but for now, it is my best friend!

Urban Decay Naked Palette
I don't tend to wear a lot of eyeshadows as I never have the time or patience to do my eye make up in the morning,  don't get me wrong I love playing with eyeshadows and different looks, I just never seem to have the time unless I'm going out planned and have a lot of time to get ready. I always reach for my Naked Pallette, whether it's for a smoky look or a neutral eye, I'm not very adventurous with colours, I stick to what I know (although I have been experimenting lately but that's for a later date). I bought this pallette when it was first out in September, and I purchased if from Oxford Street's House of Fraser when I was in London for a girly weekend and I know I will always love this, it has all the shade and finishes I could ask for my favourite colours are Halfbaked, Toasted, Buck and Smog! I will play around with a few looks and maybe post some on here at a later date!

Revlon Lipgloss (Top-Bottom 150 Peach Petal, 200 Lilac Pastelle, 180 Pink Pop)
I bloody love these babies, these three are my first purchased Revlon lipglosses at different times, but they certainly won't be the last one's I buy, I never used to even look at Revlon, now I love so many of their things. I love the packaging and the colours of these three that I have. I reach for Peach Petal the most as it is more of a day to day colour, but the others are very popular on nights out, I thank Pink Pop for getting me to meet someone special as I was applying it as they approached me. (haha) I have never been that massive a lipgloss fan, I only own these three, one MAC and two Barry M one's. The one thing I love about these lipglosses is that they are in no way sticky, they also have a decent colour pay off which I always love in a lipgloss. I will definately be purchasing some other colours from Revlon lipglosses.

Aveeno Moisturising Creamy Oil
I have fell in love with Aveeno, but especially this creamy oil! I used to just use this for my  body pre-fake tanning, but I have been using it on my face for the last month and I love it. I feel that it really hydrates my skin and makes it feel much more moisturised. As I mentioned earlier I have very dry skin especially in Winter, I think what I also love about this product, is the 'oil' factor, I don't like really thick or rich moisturisers as I just feel they are too heavy for me, or they are just sat on my face and not being taken in by my skin. Don't think baby oil, or bio oil, it isn't oily in that sense, just more water based. I have noticed such a good condition in my skin since I started using this, it hasn't completely cleared my dry skin but I think in a couple of weeks it will majorly control it. Massive thumbs up from me!