Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Where have you been hiding?

I'm sorry for being so MIA when it comes to my blog. I'm always about I just haven't really been as connected with the internet world as I usually am. I'm available most times on twitter and email, and I have still been reading other blogs and watching YouTube, I've just been so stressed with Uni work and had a few things going on in my personal life as well which has put a stop to my blogging, BUT I am back, slowly but surely. I'm going to try and be a little more pro-active with my blog. I'm not going to say how much or how often I am going to post, because sometimes it isn't always possible, but I will try my best. I have just started training as a make up artist, so I think I might post weekly about that, just little updates with photos from the class, as it's an evening class that I go to once a week, it will be easy enough to update you as to what I've learnt etc and of my experience with the training. I've only had one class, and it was simply an induction but I am thoroughly looking forward to it now. For now I will say  bye, and watch this space!

Monday, 2 January 2012


  • My number one main goal for 2012 is to loose weight, I'm not putting a time limit on it, or even a target weight by  a certain time of the year, I want to loose weight at a steady speed until I am content. Even if it's 1lb or 2lb a week, I feel as long as it's coming off then I'll be happy. I've joined slimming world, so that I have a routine and plan to follow with food etc. 
  • I want to drink a lot more water, I suffer with dry skin and feel that it is mainly down to not drinking enough water to keep my body and skin completely hydrated. 
  • I would really like to save some money this year, I am the worst person at saving money, I no sooner have money in my pocket than it's out again. I've decided I will start saving in lower amounts, I'm going to  buy myself a money box which has no opening, preferably a pretty one, that to get into you have to smash, and I'm going to save £2 coins in it until it is full, I want to do this because I want to build myself a foundation of money for my future, even though I am only in second year at University I want to do so much once I've finished that I feel there's no time like the present to start putting towards my future. 
  • Next I want to give myself a good exercise routine, whether it's half an hour a day, or if for one reason or another I am unable to do it everyday, I'd like to do at least 2 to 3 hours of exercise a week, whether it's going out walking, swimming, playing the Wii Fit, or doing an exercise DVD, it's something that is making me exercise and keep myself fit. 
  • I would like to give myself one night off a week to do what I want for myself, whether it's going out on a night out with friends, or going to the cinema, for something to eat, I want to take just time out from University work, and general work so that I'm not getting overwhelmed.
  • The next thing is that I would like to do 2 to 3 hours a day of University work, whether it's completing assignments, sorting out lecture notes or doing some extra reading, I will feel that I am covering all areas to get the best grade possible for the end of the year and I will be prepared for my exams. 
  • I want to ensure that I have early nights so that I don't lie in late as much, I haven't been so bad this year in the first semester but while I have been home at Christmas I have been very lazy, lying in late and not being very active, I have taken my time at home as a complete time out. I also want to keep tidy and organised to avoid any disruption at all costs. 
  • For my blog I would like to post 2 to 3 times a week also, for these first time weeks I have assigned what I am going to post so that it gets the ball rolling. 
  • Finally, for 2012, I want to just concentrate on myself, I tend to put other people before me, mostly people I don't really know, so I've decided I want to change this, not 100%, I don't want to become selfish, but I need to take more time for myself. 

What are your resolutions girly's?
I will be posting, more beauty or fashion related resolutions in the near future.