Monday, 5 September 2011

September Wishlist

1. Classic Short Ugg Boots in Sangria - LOVE LOVE LOVE! I spotted these beauties in the Ugg Shop in Westfield London when I was visiting a few weeks ago, and ever since I have loved them. I own a pair of classiscs in chestnut, but I'll be honest, they due to have a meeting with my bin, and when this happens, I will be a sad sad girl, because they have been loved dearly! At a hefty  £175 I really don't see me owning these any time soon sadly, but a girl can wish! 

2. Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman Brushes - As a make up lover, a girl needs a good set of tools, I love the look of these brushes, and they have become extremely popular within the beauty community. I simply would love the whole collection of brushes, ranging from £6.99 for a single brush upto £20.99 for a set of 3 or 4 brushes I think is really good pricing for the brushes as in MAC you could easily spend £25 for a single brush. 

3. YSL Arty Ring in Turquoise- Another pricey product! Again a girl can dream, or get very lucky for a Birthday or Christmas. They soon will be discontinued, so I hope I get a job when I am back in University and save for this bad boy as it will skin me £163.46!

4. Pandora Breast Cancer Bracelet - I love Pandora, I have the original silver bracelet, and a white leather single wrap bracelet, I wear them every single day. I'm sadly going to have to replace my silver bracelet as it has become very stretched and Pandora offer no altering services, which seems like such a waste of money, but I would much rather pay £60 to replace my bracelet rather than someday loose the one I have. I love the leather bracelets, they're so easy to wear with or without charms. I also love the concept behind the Breast Cancer one it costs £45, which I think is a really good price, and it's not too far out of my reach! 

5. The I-Phone 4 - What I would do for one of these babies! I currently have a Blackberry Bold 9780, I have had so much trouble with my phone, originally having the 9700, having it replaced 3 times then being offered the 9780 with no other choice, I have totally gone off Blackberry's, the only good thing about them is the messaging service, but that's just an extra. I text more than I message so it would be no real loss to me. A few of my friends have the I-Phone 4, and it's just what I want from a phone. I would never buy a phone outright, so I am going to have to wait the long 12 months for my contract to run out. Even though the iphone 5 will be out by then, I have zero interest in the 5! 

What's on your wishlist this month?
B. x

Saturday, 3 September 2011

A Weekend In.

I am sadly cooped up this weekend with a cold, it was slightly here yesterday (Friday) and woke up this morning like a bear with a sore head, so my weekend so far has consisted of sleeping, watching television and films, lemsip and being best friends with the tissue box! 

My summer is now coming to an end and I move back to University in less than two weeks, I'm starting to get excited now (hi Kate). I'm going to have to work hard this year if I expect to even pass. I'm also really looking forward to doing my make up course in April for 24 weeks, it's giving me something to work towards and to look forward to. 

I guess this is just a quick update, I willl probably be a bit MIA due to moving and getting back into the swing of things, I am also looking for a job for when I go back to University, as lack of money means I can buy very little, which also leads to very few posts as nothing new or exciting is going on in my life. 

Hope you're all well. I'll hopefully have a couple of posts in the next couple of weeks!