Sunday, 16 October 2011

Style Crushes #1

#1 Vanessa White - She is my FAVE Saturday girl. I love her edgy look, she always sports a dark berry lip which I LOVE, with having lighter hair i find this harder to pull off, which always tempts me to go dark again, but I'm not going down that road again. I also love Vanessa's tattoos, I'm really into tattoos so seeing she has them makes me love her style even more. This t-shirt is definitely something I would purchase. 

#2 Rihanna - I'm sure I don't need to say anything about this woman. I L.O.V.E everything about this girl, her hair, style, make up, voice, everything! Major girl crushing anyone!? (haha) I love her casual look in this photo especially with the bandana and the casual striped woolen looking tee here! 

Who's your style crush?

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Jumping Off One Bandwagon and Onto Another....

As you may (or may not, if not you must live under a rock) the new iPhone 4S is due for release tomorrow (on my network anyway) and this has come at a very good time for me as I am due an upgrade. As a Blackberry user for a number of years I have decided to change up and get myself an iPhone. Not necessarily the 4s but definitely the 4 if not the 4S. I have loved my Blackberry dearly but in the past six months it has caused me nothing but trouble, I have had it replaced five times, I was then given a newer model and it has now broken, it is still usable but I can't make calls off loud speaker, which is a bit difficult when in University or in company of other people. 
My next query is, do I get it in Black or White? 
Any iPhone users out there with recommendations?

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Back to Reality

After a lovely long Summer at home with my parents it has sadly come to an end. No more doing what I wanted when I was off work, no more lie ins, relying on my mum to do my cooking, washing and ironing, it's all down to me again. Don't get me wrong, my mum didn't wait on me hand and foot, I did the laundry and cooked meals a few times a week, but it's nice sometimes to have someone do things for you. I was also sad leaving some people behind, some of my friendships back home really strengthened, and I miss them a lot. 
I'm not sad to be back at University, I'm so glad to be back with my friends on my course, and of course the girls that I live with have become like the sisters I never had. 
Needless to say now that I'm in second year, there's no more skipping lectures for no reason, no partying 4 times a week, I also am budgeting my money a lot more because I don't want to have to ask other people for money. I'm nearly twenty (eek), so I need to become even more independent. 
I've also decided to take blogging into my hands a bit more, I really enjoy it and never really do enough of it, I am reading blogs and commenting them every single day, but never put any time or effort into my own. I'm hoping to get into more of a routine in the next week, so maybe in that time I will draft up some posts. 
Some of the things that will be coming up on my blog, a haul of make-up etc that I have purchased lately, a couple of reviews, I'm also going to start doing a weekly 'ins and outs' post, I know pretty much all bloggers do this, but these are one my favourite types of posts, and I also think it's a good way to keep posts coming on your blog.
Hope you've all been well! 
B. x