Thursday, 22 July 2010

Hair and Make Up Lust Afters

As it's Summer, I tend to want to lighten my hair, and in the past I have stupidly tried to do it myself and of course, I have always failed. So over the past few months I have slowly worked towards lightening my hair just by getting a t-bar done, and I am getting close, but I am going to have to fork out for a full head so that the underneath of my hair isn't so dark. I had close to black hair around November, so really I should be pleased with how light it is now.
Just a few images following of how I would like my hair to look, it may never look like this but a girl can dream right?

I am also craving after a few make up items, I have recently been reading up about Lily Lolo mineral make up, and  I have made a wishlist of all the samples I want to try out. Also, I STILL want the Viva Glam Gaga Lipstick, and one of the In the Groove Duo Blushers! I need a job that is going to handle my lust afters! (hehe)

What are your lust afters at the minute?
B. xx

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