Wednesday, 1 September 2010

August In and Out


Benefit Coralista - I cannot get enough of it, at all, I fell in love with coralista a little over a year ago when my brothers ex-girlfriend had bought after she was cornered after having a Benefit make over, and she liked the look of Coralista, she had said she was more of a baby pink girl as she was blonde, but liked the changed, she let me borrow it one night and since then I have just lusted after it. So after a painful 12 months or more, I caved and bought it, and now I can't put it down. I love how I can justify spending £23.50 on a blusher, by saying 'I've had ten for over two years and I've not even hit pan yet, so when you look at it that way, it's less than £10 a year' the girl on the counter laughed yet agreed at how long they last. I find Coralista has a way of complimenting most skintones, I'm very pale but I also would tan often enough, and either when I'm tanned or not, I still love it. Well worth it and will definately be part of my make-up bag for a long time.

Simple Derma Moisturiser- I had been told about this moisturiser by a friend a couple of months ago, and went through all my Boots stores, Superdrugs, even the shops that would randomly sell fake tan etc. and I couldn't find this anywhere, as she lived in England she picked me up a pot of it, and when she came to visit she brought it with her, I have to say it's been one of the best moisturisers I've had, and she got it for £3. I have super sensitive skin, which can be quite dermatits prone, and this has brought my skin up an absolute treat. I also know the pot will last forever, nor do I have to worry about repurchasing it as I'm moving to England in a couple of weeks.

Nail Polishes - Not just any but three makes, Collection 2000, O.P.I, and Barry M. After my exams I had decided to go through my nail collections, and when I had, I noticed all my nail polishes were various purples and pinks, and I threw so many out, that were very similar or just 'past it'. So I purchased Button Moon, Fruit Salad and Love Hearts from Collection 2000, Mushroom and Mint from Barry M and Caffe De Leche and Do You Lilac It? by O.P.I, I know this is seven nail polishes, but I have used them all equally, varying between toe nails and finger nails, and I have to say I love them all and they will all definately be coming to Uni with me.


St Moriz - I'm sad to say but I'm a little bit 'over' St Moriz, I don't know what it is. Either my skin has changed loads, or the formula has changed, but it just doesn't seem to work the same anymore, it's become more green over time when I compare it to one of my earlier bottles, and it never tans my chest, at all, what is with that?! So now I'm back to the drawing board for a new tan that I will fall in love with all over again like I had originally done with St Moriz, I've got my eye on Fake Bake, and will keep St Moriz as a very much emergency bottle. So if anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

Eye Make Up- My eyes just arent taking it, I seem to end up looking like a drag queen, even if it's an eye look I have done religiously it's just not working for me. So I'm sticking to a little bit of liner and layers of mascara until my eyes decide to handle more make up.

University Loans- I hate anythingto do with finance, I'm like a lost sheep when it comes to it and I'm such a worrier that I feel like it's all going to go wrong, I should be excited for my new change to University, but I'm so stressed with going into debt and being a pennyless student that I'm crushing my own dreams.

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