Tuesday, 28 September 2010

i need eyelash rescue :(

This is  a short but sweet post, as I'm still settling into Uni and trying to socialise with my flat mates as much as possible.

I've never had eyelast troubles before, but I've been noticing that mine aren't really that "full" looking,I have long eyelashes which I love, but when I apply mascara I feel it makes them look very sparse, and I've noticed this more so recently, I don't think I've lost any eyelashes, although maybe I have. I've taken a very quick photo on my blackberry to show what I mean about my eyelashes, excuse the basic eye make up, I was in a quick dash this morning for Uni, and just did what I could in very little time.

It's not a great quality photo but I'm sure you get the idea.

ANY help would be so much appreciated, whether I should use some sort of eye lash primer or a really good mascara? Preferably not too high end?

B. x


  1. aww wish i could help but i find i have the same problem! long lashes but not enough volume. have you tried the loreal lash serum? i tried it and it really made my lashes healthy but i didnt get the dramatic volume i was looking for. i dont know what effect it would have on your lashes. its worth a try though since its at the drugstore...good luck!


  2. you lashes do look pretty long.
    id suggest using any type of mac mascara and they have primer there to try as well.

    p.s. your blog is darling.
    would love ya to check out my blog.
    kisses from lace & leather.<3