Tuesday, 30 November 2010


As I'm at university I have no pennies to get my hair done. I rebelled a little bit in my first couple of works, i had just dyed my hair all over brown a couple of weeks before leaving for University to cover up highlights I'd had in the summer, and I felt it was fading a lot in my freshers week, so I decided to dye my hair brown/red colour, then I used a red illuminator, which then made my hair that little bit more red, then I soon realised how fast red fades and it needed a lot of up keep. I then dyed it brown and parts went black! I was mortified, so I trotted off to superdrug (luckily, or bad luck maybe as I spend all my money there, I live above a Superdrug). I bought a hair stripper, and a light brown dye, and also a medium brown dye as a back up, I already have a dark brown in a box beside me as we speak which was another back up for the red. Anyway, after absolutely killing my hair with stripping it and dying it twice all in one night, my hair was brittle and horrid! I have made a friend here who is a hairdresser and he lives locally so he picked me up and gave me a good telling off about my hair and trimmed away all the nastiness, my hair now is in decent condition, still dry but I naturally have quite dry hair. It has also grown a bit, and now the dye has faded, but I have promised myself to not dye it until the 17th of december, as I am getting my hair cut that day and the 18th of December I have my dad's business christmas dinner to go to, and i don't want to go with hot looking patchy/faded hair. I've decided on a medium/chocolate brown, but I don't want to get too close to black again. I am really tempted by the John Frieda foam hair dyes. Has anyone tried these?

I want a slight change in my hair, and I was looking at a few images for hair inspiration, and I'm tempted for a full fringe, and as I also own extensions I thought it would look lovely in the festive season. Here are just a few examples of what I was looking at

Images taken from weheartit.com
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