Sunday, 14 November 2010


I love my nails like this! 
I have the shortest nails ever, I can't grow them because of the things i do, I'm cleaning around all the time, or picking at things so it's a lost cause trying to grow my nails. So I am forever trying to find ways to make my nails look pretty without just wearing one colour. I am not going to put stick on nails or get gels or acrylics, as I have a slight case of dermatitis, which has made my nails "pit". Which means some of my nails looks like someones dinted them with a needle.
For this look I used Essie's 'Fill The Gap' which smoothes my nails out to make applying nail polish even. Two coats of Americana Apparel's Dynasty. Models Own 'Juicy Jules' on the tips, then finally Rimmels Pro-Super Wear top coat. 

I'll be rocking this nails over the Christmas season, I might invest in other colours of glitters :)


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