Tuesday, 4 January 2011

2011 ♥

So here we are in a New Year, and along with a this comes new beginnings, new goals, aspirations and many other things. I'm not happy to be leaving 2010 behind, unlike what I have read in a number of blogs, facebook updates, and tweets, many people couldn't wait to see the back of 2010.
Personally I feel that 2010 and was the year I really got to know myself, and I became an adult. I moved from my family home in the countryside of Northern Ireland to go to University in Manchester in September, and boy, that was the most difficult thing I have ever done. I am exceptionally close with my mum, not weirdly close though (haha), but leaving her behind was very difficult. I have relished being at home for Christmas and New Year, but I have now learnt being away from home has giving me so much independance and confidence, and I plan on doing more of this. 
I have never been the most confident person, but knowing that I have it in me has given me the kick to do things for myself and stop relying on others etc.
So, why am I writing? I guess to make some resolutions for myself, and I feel I  may track my progress on them, whether it will be positive or negative. 
My main resolution is to loose weight, such a typical thing, but I have battled with this issue on and off for a long time, I'm at my "happiest" I have ever been with my weight, but I feel that I could push myself much more and ideally I want to drop another 2 to 3 dress sizes, I'm not going by weight, I feel that made me really hung up, I'm going by body fat and inches off my body by measuring myself weekly and see if this makes any difference. My main thing is to look for a form of exercise I enjoy doing, I think I may start swimming as I did a lot of it as a child. I also will be cutting down a lot of meal sizes, and eating more regularly to get my metabolism working. 
My next resolution is to budget myself, being at University I have been left without a job, I am going to try and maybe find some bar work for term times, my problem with a job is that I will be taking periods of time off due to being term ends, so I will be travelling back to Ireland in these breaks. So while I have no proper income I need to budget my nights out, shopping sprees, and buy food which is on offer, this is going to benefit me for my future also. 
And finally, I need to do more for myself, I'm a people pleaser, I do so much for other people and get no thanks for it, so I have decided to grow a bit of a selfish streak and for once make myself happy. My problem which all my friends and family keep reminding me, is that I'm too "nice", which leaves me wide open to being used and let down. I'm not saying I'm turning into someone nasty. I just want to do a bit more to please me, treat myself once a month with something, not going along with the crowd, just generally putting my foot down. 
I have also decided, I am going to really try and set this blog off, I haven't many followers at all, but the few I have I am appreciative off, so I am going to set aside a few days a week and just write about something, I might start with weekly summary's and FOTD/FOTN etc. We'll see what the future brings. 
I hope all you dolls had a really lovely Christmas. And I wish you all the very best for the year of 2011! 
Make everyday the best, including it's ups and downs :)
B. x

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