Thursday, 13 October 2011

Jumping Off One Bandwagon and Onto Another....

As you may (or may not, if not you must live under a rock) the new iPhone 4S is due for release tomorrow (on my network anyway) and this has come at a very good time for me as I am due an upgrade. As a Blackberry user for a number of years I have decided to change up and get myself an iPhone. Not necessarily the 4s but definitely the 4 if not the 4S. I have loved my Blackberry dearly but in the past six months it has caused me nothing but trouble, I have had it replaced five times, I was then given a newer model and it has now broken, it is still usable but I can't make calls off loud speaker, which is a bit difficult when in University or in company of other people. 
My next query is, do I get it in Black or White? 
Any iPhone users out there with recommendations?


  1. White all the way!!:)xx

    please take a look at my blog:


  2. @ My name? -ellie
    i am really siding with the white.
    just checked out your blog. and i'm following