Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Eyebrow Envy

I bet you're wondering "Beth, what the hell is this blog post about!?"
Well, it simply is, that I not only want, but NEED better eyebrows. I've had them waxed, but my skin is so sensitive that it reacts to it, and I have irritated skin and a really bad break out. I then decided to have them threaded, this was okay for a period, but I wasn't happy with how they were shaped, and they were so thin, which with my face shape, just looked dreadful. I then 'kept up' with my eyebrows by tidying them by plucking them, but I wasn't happy, my eyebrows had very little arch, as they looked flat. After looking at a number of bloggers, I saw so many girls who had the shape eyebrows I am after. I also looked through images of celebrities, and I now am aiming to grow out my eyebrows completely and start a-fresh (not that i'm happy with this, and also, if you see photos of me coming up, it's a pre-warning of how unruly they will be haha)
Just a couple of images to show what I am aiming for

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