Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

To begin, no I am not shaving my hair off. (yet there are days I do feel like it), but I do want to change my hair drastically. I'm sick of having dark hair, I always do this, and I never do anything about it, but I have decided that while I am home I am going to take the plunge and begin to lighten my hair. My old hair salon I used to go to, used to charge £100 or more for a full head of highlights but I've done some research, and a really cute hair salon has opened up who do a full head for £61, so I've decided to just go for it, as I think at that price it's worth a go, and the hair salon has other branches which have won various awards.

This probably best shows the colour of my hair at the minute, (excuse the drunken posing, rubbing of fake tan, it was towards the end of the night this photo for my house mates birthday haha). I've looked at a few celebs whose hair I really like and I'll add a few images of the the sort of shade I want to achieve by summer time hopefully.

Mary-Kate Olsen

Jennifer Lopez

Lily Donaldson

I'll document my 'hair journey' over the coming weeks as I go home for a few weeks next week. 
Anyone else out there changing their hair in the coming season?

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